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live jazz on Fridays and some other days
 student discounts - door/food 7.0 pm - music 8.30  

live jazz on Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays

 student discounts - door/food 7.0 pm - music 8.30


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                                     Friday 24th  £13/10  BOOK ONLINE
                                 in the Footprints of Mr Gone

          Terry Seabrook Quintet plays Wayne Shorter
  Graham Flowers (trumpet) Andy Panayi (saxes) Terry Seabrook (
piano)                                        Simon Thorpe (bass) Pete Hill (drums)
Terry's exciting new Quintet follows on from one his renowned previous projects, Milestones, which focused on the music of Miles Davis. This is a natural progression, since Shorter was one of Miles’s most important sidemen and contributed so many brilliantly original pieces for that quintet. Shorter has been one of the greatest and most prolific of contemporary jazz composers, and he has written for all of the bands in which he played, including Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and of course Weather Report. There is much to choose from, but the compositions selected and arranged for tonight include One By One, Speak No Evil, Black Nile, Ana Maria, Fee Fi Fo Fum, Witch Hunt, Prince of Darkness, Nefertiti, Night Dreamer, ESP, Infant Eyes, Wild Flower and more. There will also be some originals by Terry and Andy Panayi.

              Thursday 23rd March  £14  WEBSITE  EMAIL RESERVATIONS  Smalls presents

                                        celebrating the rhythm section
                          Dave Green & Steve Brown

                                   with Mark Edwards and Piers Clark