The Verdict

Brighton's only purpose-built jazz venue, 159 Edward Street, BN2 0JB

live jazz on Fridays and some Saturdays
 student discounts - door/food 7.0 pm - music 8.30  

live jazz on Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays

 student discounts - door/food 7.0 pm - music 8.30


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JULY  programme

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          Saturday 18th June                            £10/5  BOOK   ONLINE


           returning by popular demand

     Gabriel Garrick

         Joss Peach



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Gabriel Garrick (trumpet. flugelhorn)    Joss Peach (piano)

Terry Pack (bass)    Pete Hill (drums)

This highly musical, entertaining and empathic quartet play a mix of standards and originals, with plenty of room for spontaneous detours along the way...

Friday 24th June £10/5  BOOK  ONLINE

New Generation Jazz presents

     Dave Drake Trio 

Dave Drake (piano)  Tim Thornton (bass) Pete Hill (drums)

Dave began playing at age four after becoming fascinated by his father’s vinyl collection, and his journey has continued long and far since those early explorations. Having moved to NYC to pursue study at the New School for Jazz, he has encountered many kindred spirits and valuable mentors. He is a student of Jason Moran, Fred Hersch and Sophia Rosoff, all of whom have greatly enhanced his musical growth and development. He returns to the UK for another performance at his beloved home-town jazz club, with his two highly esteemed companions. This will be a premiere of several of Dave's new compositions.


           Friday 1st July £12/9  BOOK  ONLINE


                      funky US tenorman on tour

     Peter Fraize Quartet

Peter Fraize (tenor sax) Jack Kendon (trumpet) Terry Seabrook (organ)  Milo Fell (drums)

Based in Washington DC, Fraize is well known there for his funky, high-energy, impassioned playing, his intricate, melodic writing and his wide-ranging musical projects. In 2010 his album Organic Matter won the state's Best Jazz CD award. He has toured and played at festivals throughout Europe and the Far East, but seldom, until now, in the UK. Tonight, in Jack, Terry and Milo, he teams up with the perfect south coast soulmates.
"Fraize's unpretentious, strong-toned, fluid sound exudes traces of prime Sonny Rollins, taken to a freer zone... and as a soloist he displays the fire of John  Coltrane, not content with clichés or pat readings of themes." Cadence magazine

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