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live jazz on Fridays and some Saturdays
 student discounts - door/food 7.0 pm - music 8.30  

live jazz on Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays

 student discounts - door/food 7.0 pm - music 8.30


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MAY  programme

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                                  6th May


                                                                      BOOK ONI NE  


US guitar master

with UK's finest


Howard Alden +
Geoff Simkins Trio


 Geoff Simkins (alto sax) 

Howard Alden (guitar)
Simon Woolf (bass) 

Spike Wells (drums)

"Howard Alden is a brilliantly inventive and comprehensive guitarist with chops for days,

a  rare artist who's unaffected by time and trend. He continues the legacy of his mentor George Van Eps, but is without question a pathfinder in his own right, and one of America's finest artists. Highly recommended." - Jim Carlton, Just Jazz Guitar, August 2014      "Californian Alden is one of the greatest jazz guitarists working today. He learned his craft under the legendary Howard Roberts, and his jaw-dropping fretwork has graced everything from Hollywood soundtracks to duets with George Van Eps." - Musicradar   *  Geoff, Simon and Spike, fresh from their sell-out gigs of March and April, will need no introduction.

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* 4 tickets for the price of 3: book 3 online, claim 4th at door *